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5 reasons to prefer AxeoBIM

  • 1

    AxeoBIM is built with users for users

  • 2

    100% OpenBIM & Revit® compatible

  • 3

    3D Viewer (IFC, RVT et NWD files)

  • 4

    AxeoBIM « Cloud Connect »: direct access to your files from your usual software

  • 5

    A dedicated team at your service

Main features

AxeoBIM proposes to BIM professionals a private, powerful and easy to handle collaborative BIM platform . With a fine access rights management, AxeoBIM makes it easy to collaborate between all stakeholders in construction projects and to manage your projects in an optimized way.

“Check box” for BIM files Workspace with dedicated workflow

To facilitate BIM Manager missions, AxeoBIM offers a "check box", a single point of entry for the BIM models and deliverables with dedicated workflow.

Visualize and analyze your 3D models

AxeoBIM allows you to visualize and analyze your IFC, native Revit ™ and Navisworks ™ files.

Fine management of access rights

AxeoBIM offers a fine and powerful management of access rights to project stakeholders, by user or group.

BIM Collaborative Platform

AxeoBIM is a powerful and ergonomic tool for managing and organizing projects and their processes (workflow). The centralization of the BCF makes it easy to create and follow up of the issues.

100% OpenBIM & Revit® compatible

Whatever your software, AxeoBIM brings you a collaborative workspace for BIM project teams.

"Model and deliverables" associated

AxeoBIM makes it possible to create and maintain the association between the deliverables and the 3D model from which they come. AxeoBIM guarantees the integrity of the BIM data throughout the duration of your project.

Versioning & History

AxeoBIM keeps the traceability of the projects: history of the actions, versions of the models and the deliverables (versioning).

Project Management and British Standard 1192

AxeoBIM allows you to work with your project models and is compatible with the BS 1192 requirements.

Setup and customization

Contact us if you plan to integrate your BIM processes into a collaborative platform.



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Designed for your job

axeobim platform collaborative bim manager

BIM Manager

AxeoBIM offers you a “Check box” that allows you to guarantee the integrity of the BIM data.

axeobim platform collaborative bim architect


AxeoBIM provides a collaborative space to help you realize your vision.

axeobim platform collaborative bim Engineering companies

Engineering companies

AxeoBIM is a collaborative BIM collaboration workspace, 100% open BIM, Revit ™ and Navisworks ™ compatible.

axeobim platform collaborative General Building Companies bim

General Building Companies

AxeoBIM is a powerful, easy-to-use BIM collaborative tool for managing your projects.

axeobim platform collaborative Sub Contractor bim

Sub Contractor

AxeoBIM provides up-to-date information to the accurate stakeholder for a real coordinated work on-site.

axeobim platform collaborative bim Project Owners

Project Owners

AxeoBIM helps you to collect the BIM value of your buildings to better value them and optimize their exploitation.


What about confidentiality?

AxeoBIM is hosted in datacenters, in France or at our customers' premises. AxeoBIM is administered by the Axxone System teams. For these reasons, Axxone System is committed to guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of your data.

Do it need to install something on my computer?

AxeoBIM is accessible from a simple Internet browser. The viewer allows you to view IFC, Revit® and Naviswork® files without purchasing or installing any proprietary license. Note that AxeoBIM offers the possibility to modify online documents (office, PDF ...). In this case, AxeoBIM requires the presence of the software necessary to open the desired files: for example, MS Word installed on the computer to open a document ".doc" or OpenOffice online. to work on a ".odt" document.

Is my data safe and secure?

The data exchanges are encrypted in SSL, the security level used by the banks. Our servers are hosted by the largest host in Europe, on the French territory and are followed 24/7. We ensure maximum accessibility is 99.95% of the time (Tier III).

Can AxeoBIM help me in my international projects?

For sure, the collaborative functions and multilingualism of AxeoBIM will bring you concrete benefits in the success of your projects abroad. AxeoBIM is available in French and English, other languages will be added based on user requests.

What is Axxone System security policy?

Since 2005, our team has built reliable solutions that prove, day after day, their robustness and their high level of security. Please, feel free to contact us if you want any question.

Which projects are visible by the users?

The home page allows you to have a clear and fast vision of all your projects. This home page allows each user to access the different project spaces in which they are involved:

  • Administrators (manager of AxeoBIM at our customers) can view and access all project areas, including those where they are not contributors.
  • The project manager sees all his projects, and those in which he intervenes.
  • Other users see only the project spaces in which they are contributors.

May I ask for a presentation of your AxeoBIM software?

Yes with pleasure ! Our advisors can move about your premises or do online demonstrations of about 25 minutes, on a date agreed together. Contact us to book a niche, or register now for one of our web conferences!

Can AxeoBIM adapt to the procedures of my company?

Yes, let's talk about your need together. The Axxone System teams are at your service to make your settings and customizations. Please, feel free to contact us.

How to integrate a customer or an external partner on a project managed in AxeoBIM?

To add an external customer or contributor to a project area, go to the desired project and click on "Manage my team". Add the new user to the team by drag and drop. He will only have access to the project with a "read-only" access right by default. Of course, you can choose to restrict and extend the new user's access to certain modules or folders. AxeoBIM's access rights management (ACL) is powerful and very ergonomic: it allows you to perfectly control the data you want to make accessible to your internal and external teams (customers and various partners).

Axxone System, creator of collaborative software.

As a creator of collaborative business solutions, Axxone System publishes software dedicated to the real estate, sustainable buildings and construction sectors, as well as the development of exclusive collaborative solutions.
Founded in 2005 in Lyon, France, Axxone System's mission is to offer collective efficiency solutions that integrate the business processes of its customers.